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Parental Testimonials 


"Pat has made such a positive impact on our two children over the last ten years - wow!  We are so fortunate to have found her.  Pat is so patient and kind, consistent and dependable.  Pat strives to maintain good communication with all the parents using the Brightwheel App.  I know all the details of my child's day and she makes herself available by phone and e-mail. I know she is not only caring for my child, but that she loves her too."

"Pat has a caring heart and generous spirit, and we are so grateful that our lives have been touch by both.  We are so grateful for all the love, patience and kindness that she has given our family over the years! 
Pat has given our family more than a safe place for our children to spend their days.  She has provided a foundation of love that will continue to influence us for the rest of ours lives." 

Thank you for everything and we will always remember the love you gave to us."

 "Greatness: individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others at their skill.  Pat, to our family is "greatness".  She succeeds at her job and does it with love.  We love her as part of our family and our village dedicated to helping us raise great children into great adults."                                                                                             

"Pat is such a big part of our lives, teaching our children how to love, make friends and just be decent human beings.  She loves our children as her own, and she is one of the greatest influencers into who they are to become.  It is because of her patience, dedication and love that they are ready for whatever comes after they leave "Pat's House".

"Pat loves my kids. They are challenged and learn a lot. She is a partner in the raising of my children and she takes it very seriously. 

Pat is wonderful. I trust her completely. Pat is very experienced and works well with children. She communicates well with the parents."


"You are a gift to us all.  Thank you for building friendships while our children learn, grow, and have fun. 
are simply THE BEST!"

"Thank you, Pat, for teaching, caring for and loving our children every day.  We feel beyond grateful that "Pat's House" is like a second home for our children.  You are like family to us and always will be.  


"We are so thankful to have someone as special as Pat be a part of our lives.  Her care is full of love, fun, learning, respect and life skills.  We are so happy we made "the leap.


"We are so very fortunate to have Pat in our lives. She challenges our son every day. She gives all the kids nothing but love and support as they learn. It's more than a job for her, and she really lets it show. She has taught us so much about being parents, giving us kind words when needed. She's the best!"

"The feeling of peace and contentment we have as parents, knowing that our son is so well taken care of, learning, and loved at daycare is absolutely priceless!!"

"We feel especially lucky have had Pat watch both the girls since they were three months old. We hit the jackpot with her as a provider. It is so nice to know that we have someone that truly loves and cares for our kids as much as their own grandparents do. We love all the extras for the kids ~ enrichment classes like Travel Tots, Stretch-n-Grow or a music class. We also enjoy getting to know the other parents at the
summer party and holiday 

"We love Pat because of the outside time the kids get, especially in the summer months. She plans trips to see puppet shows at Eagan parks, has water days with a water slide, they go on lots of outdoor walks. Winter time is even fun when they walk to the snow pile!"

"I can't say enough good things about Pat's Childcare. I truly feel every cent we give her she puts right back into her business. She really works hard for the kids. She wants them to have the best experience they can have. The memories that my children made at Pat's will stay with them forever."


"Pat keeps the children active, and my daughter especially liked learning to do the monkey bars in Pat's backyard. Pat has a fun sense of humor which my kids really enjoy too!"



"Pat is awesome! She runs an incredible daycare providing a safe environment where my children are loved, encouraged and grow."

"Nurturing, caring provider and family-oriented setting."

"Pat communicates well with the parents."

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